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JonBenet Ramsey Atlanta Georgia on August 6th 1996, When she was only 9 month old the packed up the family and moved to Boulder, colorado. For the first 4 years of her JonBenet was like every other child learning to read, write and talk and walk. but on the year of 1994, Patsy enter her daughter into her first beauty pageant which would be followed by many more, even tho Jonbenet only was able to do pageants for 3 years she held a good number of titles including: America's Royle Miss, Colorado State All-Star Kids Cover Girl, Little Miss Charlevoix Michigan, Little Miss Merry Christmas, Little Miss Sunburst, and National Tiny Miss Beauty. But JonBenet wasn't just about Beauty Pageant's! JonBenet Loved Life and everything about it she was alot like you and me! she loved School and Learning she had even advanced to First Grade Math even tho she was in KinderGarden, she loved camping and spending time with her family, she liked to draw and what not some of the activity's  JonBenet did while she wasn't doing Pageants were: Rock Climbing, Violin Lessons, Biking Riding, and many more. JonBenet Loved Life and Thats All There is To It.